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Multicore Cables

Multicore Cables, with Stranded Copper Conductors, XLPE Insulated, Steel Wire Armoured and PVC/ LSHF Sheathed

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Single Core Cables

Single core Cables, with Stranded Copper Conductors, XLPE Insulated, Aluminium Wire Armoured and PVC/ LSHF Sheathed

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Mineral Insulated Cable MICO
  • ETP solid (not stranded) copper cores, from 1 to 400 mm2 , melting point 1082°C

  • Magnesium Oxide (MgO) as electrical insulation, due to its high performance at high temperature (melting point 2600°C)

  • High quality DHP copper sheath, manufactured starting from tubes extruded and drawn only (not welded), melting point 1082°C

  • LSF additional outer covering. Such flame retardant poliolephin is characterised by high performance in corrosion resistance and low smoke emission.

Light Duty Cables

(300/500 V) from 2 to 7 cores, from 1 to 4 mm2 size

Solution for electric circuits installed at sight, in historical or relevant buildings, both indoor and outdoor. Due to their small dimensions, they can be installed quickly and easily. Copper outer sheath, whose cross section is designed to be used as earth conductor, protects the cable from any mechanical stress like impacts, bending or flattening, giving at the same time a beautiful esthetical aspect to the cable. MICO is not only a simple cable but, combining its use with the large range of copper and brass accessories, designed by KME, it can be considered as a complete wiring system.

Single Core Cables

(450/750 V) from 1 to 19 cores, 400 mm2 max. size for 1 core, 25 mm2 max. size up to 4 cores.

The higher thickness of copper outer sheath and Magnesium Oxide insulation, allows KME Mineral Insulated heavy duty cables to be installed in every critical environment, due to high humidity degree, or wherever the installation is dangerous due to possible mechanical damages. Wide manufacturing range, similar to soft skin wiring cable range, allow heavy duty cables design whenever big power is required.

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