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Water Scrubber

Since 1993 Varicol have provided odour and fume control and treatment systems to Hong Kong. Varicol is a global provider of Engineered Corrosion Resistant Products Designed and Manufactured using, Thermo-Plastics, Composite Materials and FRP Laminates. The water scrubbers are mainly used as odour control equipment in the refuse collection point (RCP) and cooked food centre (CFC) in Hong Kong.


Each Varicol scrubbing unit offered is specifically designed and built to give the maximum efficient removal of airborne contaminants within the treated airflow stream using the principles of impingement and chemical absorption. The contaminated airflow stream enters the unit in a horizontal laminar flow and encounters a pre-wash and filter followed by a cross-flow random packed section all fully irrigated to give the maximum wash rate, liquor distribution giving enhanced impingement and absorption. The random packed section offers a high surface area to airflow volume ratio to give the maximum intimate contact between the airflow and irrigation liquor. The saturated contaminates are impinged, absorbed and carried away by the re-circulating liquor to the integral liquor holding tank. The final section consists of a demister/droplet eliminator that entrains any residual droplets from the cleaned airflow stream prior to exiting the unit.

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