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Axial Fans

  • Fire safety (smoke extraction and stairwell pressurisation)

  • Ventilation (supply & extract)

  • Industrial process (cooling and extract fans)

  • Commercial kitchen extract

  • Food processing and storage

  • Agriculture

Woods Air Movement has one of the largest ranges of standard and high temperature certified axial fans available from any manufacturer: covering wide range of applications such as ventilation, smoke extract, cooling and process fans.

The Woods Air Movement axial fan range consists of highly configurable JM and JMv fans that can be figured to your requirement. The JM is available in standard and high temperature varieties from 315mm up to 1,600mm and can be used in a variety of configurations such as two stage (for high pressure applications), short or long cased, ATEX and hazardous area. The JMv is our cutting edge, high efficiency range of guide vane fans (vane axials) that deliver class leading energy efficiency and can generate higher levels pressure. The JMv is also available in standard temperature or EN 12101-3:2002 certified F200, F300 and F400.

Car Park Ventilation

  • Solid coverage of the entire garage

  • Less horsepower per square foot of operation

  • Constant flow of air for safety as required

  • Integral mounting bracket for easy installation

  • High system performance

  • Low installation costs

  • Low running costs

Jet fans are used as part an efficient and reliable car park or garage ventilation system, providing fresh air and removing harmful emissions to ensure the safety of car park occupants. Pollution ventilation can be designed on a traditional volumetric air change rate. Emergency ventilation can be designed using volumetric or design fire calculations.

A Thrust Fan System is a duct-free system, relying on a series of strategically placed jet fans, to control and distribute air around the car park. Main extract fans, take the contaminated air out of the car park, with fresh make up air supplied from entrance/exit ramps, or through supply fans. Choice in fan sizes and profiles, operating systems and detection systems allows versatility in the Thrust Fan System design, allowing the most efficient design to meet the car park’s requirements. Extract rates can be varied by constant pollution monitoring. Sensors placed at optimum points around the car park, allowing the control system to regulate which fans operate to dilute and/or extract the contaminated air. The system’s high flexibility allows the most favourable operation both in terms of safety, economy and efficiency.

Box Fans

  • External installation on roofs

  • Suitable for internal installation

  • Commercial buildings

  • Public buildings

  • Factories

  • Retail stores

  • Schools

Box fans are a centrifugal impeller and motor housed in a box structure which usually has added sound attenuation and sometimes have configurable panels allowing for the inlet and outlet to either be run in-line or at a 90° angle. Box fans use centrifugal impellers which can generate higher pressures than axial fans. Box fans are most often used in building ventilation and commercial kitchen extract systems.

Roof Fans

  • Ventilate large areas

  • Can be used with ducting or without

  • Typically used on commercial and industrial buildings

  • Shopping centres

  • Warehouses

  • Factories

A roof fan is either an axial fan or centrifugal blower contained within a roof mounted unit that can cover a variety of applications depending upon the design of the unit. Roof fans also come in either vertical or horizontal discharge configuration.

Plate Fans

  • Installation on walls

  • Supplied fully assembled

  • Suitable for mounting in horizontal and vertical

  • Agricultural applications

  • Factories

  • Machinery cooling

Plate fans are one of the simplest and most common forms of axial fan. They consist of an axial impeller driven by a motor fixed to a plate that is usually installed on a wall and exhausts into the atmosphere. Some plate fans are also suitable for the supply of fresh air and usually speed controllable.

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