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RKBI is an insulated centrifugal duct fan with connections for rectangular ducts. The fan have a rigid housing of galvanised steel and are compact with high capacity. With the 50 mm high quality insulation it operates quiet and the surface of the insulation is easy to clean.
The backward curved impeller gives a better efficiency over a very big working area than the forward curved impeller. The fan is designed to cope with high pressures i.e. long ducts with a minimum of noise. The motor is speed-controllable from 0-100% and maintenance-free, why the only service required is cleaning the impeller.
Motor with impeller can be swung out for inspection and cleaning (swing-out). The RKBI fan is supplied fully-wired and ready to fit in a sealed installation unit. It is moisture-proof and approved for use in warm or cold environments.
All fans are fitted with a built-in thermal protector.

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